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About KEEP

KEEP was developed by Dr Patricia Chamberlain and colleagues from Oregon Social Learning Center using the same principles as TFCO but designed to be delivered to groups of foster carers and kinship carers. 

KEEP is experiential training aimed at strategy and skill building for carer and child.

Each KEEP session runs for 90 minutes and is delivered by facilitators who have been trained in the model and received weekly coaching until they become accredited as KEEP facilitators.  Facilitators deliver material from a manual around what the carers bring to the group. Carers have the opportunity to practice skill development and are given handouts for future use.

Carers are valued and celebrate their success within groups which have an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

KEEP Standard and Prevention run over 16 weeks.

KEEP Safe runs over 20 weeks.

Facilitators have weekly contact with carers between groups to track children’s behaviours being managed and carer stress levels.

“Most relaxed training I have ever attended and full of good useful information. Strategies can be used daily to improve the fostering experience.” - Foster Carer