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What is KEEP?

KEEP is a group training programme which aims to increase the parenting skills of foster and kinship carers in responding to children's difficulties, reducing placement disruption and improving child outcomes.


KEEP in the UK

What is the NIS?

A centre of excellence, the National Implementation Service provides evidence based and research informed training. We support children’s social care, youth offending services, children's mental health teams and the voluntary sector across the UK to radically improve support for vulnerable children and their families. 
We have over a decade of experience in assisting sites with the development and implementation of evidence based programmes.

National Implementation Service

How to set up a KEEP Site

Click here to learn about Programme set up. Alternatively, we would love to discuss the process, and see what help we can provide. To get in touch, please click the Contact Us button below. 

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KEEP - Keeping foster and kinship carers supported

Reported benefits:


  • KEEP is a user friendly and flexible programme 

  • KEEP provides concrete solutions for individualised needs

  • KEEP facilitation empowers changes in carer’s confidence

  • KEEP reduces carer isolation as friendships are created and sustained by sharing of similar experiences and learning from each other



  • KEEP skills carers to manage more of the externalised behaviours in their own homes which reduces  demands on Supervising Social Workers and other services 

  • KEEP is a recruitment tool and by  offering KEEP as an on-going support service, KEEP supports the retention of the foster carer workforce