Outcome data

Within the UK, the National Implementation Service continues to collect and analyse outcome data from over 30 KEEP groups that are running across the age range. Pre and post intervention measures are extremely encouraging and these consistently support the findings of the original study. There are mechanisms in place for collecting six and 12 month follow up data to see if the positive effects are maintained over time. 

Whilst comprehensive data sets can be notoriously difficult to achieve within the areas of Social Care and Health it is seen as vital if the evidence base for KEEP is to be extended beyond the original American study.  At the recent International TFCO and KEEP Conference (New York, April 2013) a keynote presentation from Rosemarie Roberts  (Director of the National Implementation Service) and Helen Jones (Department for Education) confirmed that there are very promising results throughout England which are consistent with the findings from the original research conducted by Dr Patti Chamberlain and her colleagues.