KEEP in the UK

KEEP originated in Oregon, USA in 1996 from Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care (since renamed Treatment Foster Care Oregon, or TFCO), a programme developed by Chamberlain and colleagues as a family-based alternative initially for teenagers with chronic problems. KEEP utilises the same principles as TFCO but is designed for foster carers and family and friends (kinship) carers.  

The first programme to be developed and evaluated was KEEP Standard, designed for carers with foster children aged 5-12 years. Subsequent programme adaptations have been developed by Chamberlain and colleagues for carers with placements of children aged 3-6 years (KEEP Prevention) and young people aged 12-17 years (KEEP Safe).

The KEEP programmes have been available in England since 2009 supported by the Department for Education (DfE) and local authority partnerships have been funded to set up and deliver the programmes through the evidence based intervention programme (EBIP) initiative. 

All three programmes are now offered in England with facilitators trained and supported by OSLC Community Programme Consultants in Oregon or UK Consultants. 

For more information visit the Evidence Based Intervention Programmes Hub.

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