Setting up a programme

Enquiries about setting up a new KEEP programme in the UK should be made directed to Jo Warburton.

Where organisations are considering setting up KEEP the following areas should be given consideration:

Foster and kinship carer cohort

  • do you have a pool of carers with children in the programme age range to establish and sustain KEEP within your authority/agency? 

Current provision

  • what other training is offered to your carers
  • will KEEP complement or duplicate?


  • each KEEP group requires a lead facilitator who is in charge of the programme delivery and a co-facilitator
  • facilitators should be experienced in working with foster families and with social learning theory approaches
  • each area should also have a supervisor or manager who has overall responsibility for the programme, making key decisions, providing supervision and covering for the facilitators when needed
  • sufficient time needs to be allocated for consultation and supervision, weekly telephone calls to carers, audit and fidelity data collection, and home visits to carers unable to attend a session in addition to direct group delivery
  • a minimum of approximately three days total staff time a week is recommended


  • KEEP groups will require a consistent venue which can hold 15 people comfortably
  • a laptop with an integrated camera is essential for recording the groups. These recording are uploaded onto a secure website
  • to enable timely access to the KEEP FIDO website (secure website for recordings) we recommend a named link within your IT Department
  • a small budget for refreshments, programme materials and carer incentives will be required


Enquiries about setting up a new KEEP programme in the UK should be made to Jo Warburton, who can be contacted via e-mail, or on 0161 2033264