Implementation and sustainability

Implementing anything new takes time and careful planning. 

The model developers based in Oregon, USA and the National Implementation Service here in the UK have extensive experience of helping organisations through the various steps that are involved.  Only after a period of needs analysis and service appraisal can informed decisions be made about which programme is going to be the best fit for your foster and kinship carers.  This will involve looking at the costs and outcomes of your existing services for this population before comparing those of KEEP. 

Once it has been established that KEEP is the right programme for your organisation, practical advice and written documentation will be provided to assist you with all elements of the project start up from employing staff to purchasing the correct pieces of computer hardware.   

High quality training is provided for staff who are running and supervising the KEEP groups and there is a requirement for them to upload video footage of each session, to complete notes and collect data, so that consultation can take place.  This continues until the lead and co-facilitators are accredited with the model developers which takes around 3 and 4 groups respectively.  Consultation costs are significantly reduced once this is achieved. 

Replacement training should be a priority for your organisation as without it, the original investment may be lost if and when KEEP staff leave their post.