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Contact Us

For enquiries about KEEP please feel free to contact:

Joanna Warburton - on 0161 203 3264

(or click here to e-mail)

Jo Warburton (Service Manager, Lead for KEEP and Site Consultant) is a social worker with over 27 years of experience working as a practitioner and manager within the fields of public and independent children’s social care and CAMHS.

Jo’s practice has focused on working with children and young people in care and their carers; including posts as Registered Manager of children’s homes and a fostering service as well as Programme Manager setting up a TFCO-A site.

It is this experience which has fuelled Jo’s interest in project management and programme implementation. She has led the development of KEEP in the UK from its pilot in 2009 and has extensive experience of multi-agency working and organisational structures necessary to support programme sustainability and growth.  

Jo has always been passionate about acknowledging our role in supporting carers to identify and manage the challenges of caring for children and young people.  She enjoys  improving the confidence and skills of facilitators working with carers and parents across KEEP, TFCO, RESuLT and AdOpt.   

Jo provides service management and programme development, consultation and training within the NIS. She is the programme lead for KEEP. 

Alternative contacts include, Colin Waterman - Director, or Dan Gouedard - Business Manager.