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Needs Analysis

Any new programme should only be implemented once a thorough needs analysis has taken place.  There are different templates that may assist you with this and the National Implementation Service also has, and is able to offer, considerable experience. 

Needs analysis work involves understanding as fully as possible: 

  • the population that your organisation serves.
  • the range of services already available to them.
  • how much these services cost and how effective they are.  

Your needs analysis work should identify the strengths in what you already offer, as well as the gaps that need to be addressed. 

This is particularly important when considering KEEP, which has three distinct programmes; KEEP Safe, KEEP Standard and KEEP Prevention.

Is your greatest need for KEEP Safe to manage the risk of adolescent placements or are you going to target early years with KEEP Prevention to get your 3-6 year olds off to a good start?

Knowing your service stresses and sector priorities will help in the identification that  KEEP is going to be the right programme for your organisation and the people you serve.

For a discussion about undertaking a needs analysis and the conflicting demands of your service please contact Colin Waterman.