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Implementation and sustainability

We know from research and experience that implementing anything new takes time and careful planning.

The model developers, based in Oregon, USA, and the National Implementation Service, here in the UK, have extensive experience of helping organisations through the various steps that are involved. 

Only after a period of needs analysis and service appraisal can informed decisions be made about which programme is going to be the best fit for your carers and special guardians. This will involve looking at the costs and outcomes of your existing services for this population, before comparing those of KEEP.

Once it has been established that KEEP is the right programme for your organisation, practical advice and written documentation in the form of a start up pack and link support will be provided to assist you with all elements of the project,  from identifying facilitators, to purchasing the correct pieces of computer hardware required.  

High quality training is provided for the facilitators and in-house supervisor. This will ideally be completed  one month before the first KEEP group starts.

As there is a requirement to upload recorded footage of each session, to complete notes and collect data so that consultation can take place, there will also be liaison with Oregon Social Learning Center to successfully install software.   

The National Implementation Service will support a site with the delivery and business planning for KEEP so that it becomes a programme which is sustained. This can include attendance at steering group meetings, programme reports, and financial or programme planning.

In addition, KEEP-Up events are held twice a year and are an opportunity to meet with other sites and discuss operational issues as well as receiving programme updates from model developers. 

For a discussion about implementation and sustainability, please contact Colin Waterman.