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Model fidelity

The National Implementation Service supports the facilitators delivering KEEP to maintain a high level of model fidelity which is assessed at significant development stages including accreditation and post accreditation reviews by KEEP programme developers. This ensures that the outcomes evidenced by the research are achieved by replicating as many of the original programme components as possible.

KEEP fidelity is maintained by:

  • Recording and uploading all groups onto a secure website for review
  • Weekly consultation for the facilitators until they are accredited
  • Completion of Parent Daily Report calls to each carer attending the KEEP group
  • Collection of carer attendance figues and anonymised feedback
  • Facilitator accreditation

The National Implementation Service also supports sites delivering KEEP to maintain high fidelity levels by hosting KEEP Up days, providing training and consultation with a pool of specifically trained local coaches and by participating in monthly clinical and business management calls with programme developers within Oregon Social Learning Center.   


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