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New web resource for evidence based intervention programmes for vulnerable children and their families

28 January 2013


A new web resource was launched on Monday 21 January to support the evidence based interventions programme for looked after children, children on the edge of care or custody and their families - a programme funded by the Department for Education (DfE) to support local authorities to implement evidence based interventions to support vulnerable local children and their families. 

The resource is aimed at everyone involved with these interventions from the families who receive the interventions, to the practitioners involved in their delivering through to researchers and others interested in the evidence base for the interventions. 

Rosemarie Roberts, Director of the National Implementation Service commented that 'The hub is central to our work in promoting and successfully embedding these interventions as part of mainstream local authority services. The emerging evidence that these interventions work in a UK context is very exciting. We are really beginning to see that where the programmes are implemented well, locally supported and made available to the right children and families the outcomes are really positive. Launching the hub means that we can get information out there to local authorities and their partners and begin to create a virtual network for sharing the learning and improving the lives of more children, young people and their families - including adoptive and foster families.' 

The hub provides an easy to navigate 'one stop shop' for information about these interventions and is linked directly to individual programme sites. These programme sites will be launched over the coming months with the Multisystemic Therapy and Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care sites launched alongside the hub today. 

Helen Jones, programme lead at the DfE said ' We are delighted to support the National Implementation Service in launching the hub and related programme sites today. This is another step in supporting local authorities and their partner agencies, including those from the voluntary sector, who have been implementing these programmessuccessfully to share their learning with their colleagues and neighbours across the sector. By supporting and promoting the hub we will be able to grow further the network of local authorities providing these vital services to the local children and families who need them most.'

Visit the Hub to find out about the evidence based intervention programmes for looked after children, children on the edge of care or custody and their families or visit the Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care or Multisystemic Therapy programme site