Model fidelity

It is generally accepted that in any evidence based programme the clinicians delivering the intervention need to use as many of the key components of the original model as is possible to replicate the positive results obtained by the programme developers.  There needs to be a strong sense of model coherence and competence.  To this end, all KEEP facilitators are provided with consultation from either the model developers in Oregon or from a member of the National Implementation Service based in England.   This involves their group sessions being video taped and uploaded to a secure server which allows the consultant to review their practice.  Weekly calls between the site and their consultant are aimed at being supportive and at helping the facilitators to maintain high levels of fidelity to the KEEP model. 

The use of measures like the Parent Daily Report, the attendance rates of foster carers and anonymised feedback from each of the group participants are also uploaded to the FIDO website.  This allows the consultant to provide some feedback to each site about their levels of model adherence. 

Weekly consultation is no longer required for those facilitators who have become accredited with the model developers.  However facilitators continue to upload recordings of each KEEP group session which allows occasional ad-hoc reviews of the model delivery to ensure continued fidelity to the key components.